Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shock Belt Pro Se

From the Dallas News Crime Blog:

Defendant representing himself in Dallas County case acts oddly before jury
Today, March 24, 2009, 4 hours ago | Jennifer Emily
Miles Fleming is representing himself in a Dallas County aggravated assault case.

That's odd enough.

But Fleming must wear a shock belt under his shirt. Yesterday, during jury selection, he lifted up his shirt to show jurors the shock belt amidst talking about how he is an outlaw.

A shock belt is a device meant to deter someone from acting out violently. Should a defendant try to hit someone or doing something else he shouldn't, a bailiff can remotely shock them with electricity.

Fleming, 38, apparently also thinks the free masons are out to get him.

This case is the talk of the Frank Crowley courthouse. Defense attorneys and prosecutors are stopping by to watch when they can spare a few minutes.

The jury will likely get the case this afternoon to decide guilt or innocence.

Fleming is accused of assaulting a coworker on a roofing job in July 2003. The assault happened not long after Fleming's girlfriend called to say she was cheating on him.

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