Monday, January 11, 2010

Truvia not fit to proceed

Evaluation: Student charged with killing teacher not fit for trial yet

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has been three and a half months since Todd Henry was killed while teaching a class at John Tyler High School. If things go as expected at a hearing later this week, it will be another three months before his accused killer will face a jury. We learned Monday that Byron Truvia is not fit to stand trial just yet.

But, the difference this time is, since the last hearing, the court, the prosecution, and the defense have all been provided with an evaluation of Truvia that was done by a forensic psychologist. That evaluation says that Truvia is not fit to proceed.

Another hearing has been scheduled for Friday, and Truvia's attorney says that he expects both sides to agree on the assessment, and that Truvia will be sent to a state mental hospital for 90 days, during which time more evaluations will be done.

Truvia's attorney also says Truvia's mother has known that her son needed special care for a long time, and that this won't be his first time to have this kind of care.

"He had been through a couple of facilities in New Orleans, one of which was shut down by Katrina [and] the other lost all their records as a result of Katrina," explained James Huggler. "[He has a] lengthy mental health history, and that continued once he got here to Texas."

Huggler says that after that 90 days, if doctors at the hospital believe that Truvia is fit to proceed, the trial process will resume. But, Truvia will stay in the state's care until he is fit to proceed, and Huggler says that could take years.

Huggler added that the family is very happy with the decision because they know that something is wrong with Truvia, and want to make sure he gets the best treatment possible.

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Anonymous said...

It's to bad he won't have a legit assessment,as they are a bare minimal testing that's done by a council that works for trinity clinic ,not a psychiatrist.they feel that a twenty minute chat is enough time to diagnose a teenager,mental diagnoses takes an ample amount of time with the child and also the help of the people that know them best ,they just love applying that odd and ocd diagnoses out as that can be changed with behavioral modification ,adhd and bipolar is a need for medicine and to much time on them ,they also believe that a teenager isn't bipolar unless they are violent ,which is untrue ,if someone is bipolar and also had violant in them ,there could be another diagnoses added on to bipolar such as schizophrenia. Bottom line 20 mins of contact is not a diagnoses,so many of these kids have spent years with same doctors that have diagnosed them with much information gathered through the process ,doctors that have much experience in there field ,we have a shortage of mental health doctors in this area ,or the months of waiting for an appointment. Its suppose to be about reform and recovery yet its torture and cruelty ,lock them up ,throw them to boot camp its out of sight out of mind and less dollars bills spent,adhd just like diabetes can be controlled,bipolar can be treated although a serious illness and if untreated can lead to suicide and other serious consequences,it takes medicine,therepy and a good support system ,its time for a change .there's only so much jail space ,Texas has there laws but federal has there's too.