Sunday, March 14, 2010

National Council Magazine

The latest issue of National Council Magazine, “Beyond Bars: Mental Health-Addictions and Criminal Justice Collaborations” is available.

Articles focus on the crisis in our nation’s jails and prisons — men and women with mental illnesses and addictions incarcerated because they didn’t get the treatments they desperately need — and emphasize the possibilities of effective services. The magazine highlights the initiatives of National Council member organizations that are endlessly creative in overcoming financial, bureaucratic, and cultural barriers to nurture programs and services that offer productive lives to people with mental illnesses and addictions as the alternative to incarceration.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that punishment especially for the mentally ill will not work . They will not get the proper rehab or treatment while they are incarcerated and will probably only get worse. In the state of Texas County jail inmates are not allowed narcotic meds and given substitutions that do not work for some mental illness These laws need to be changed. Texas has so many deaths in jails because jail inmates are denied their meds or given substitutions. Please help get Legislation passed to stop this