Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Court to examine Texas killer who wants to die

Found on KLTV.com
HOUSTON (AP) - A federal appeals court is sending the case of a condemned Texas inmate back to a lower court to see if the prisoner is mentally competent to decide he wants to die for the slaying of an 84-year-old East Texas woman nine years ago.

Danielle Simpson, 29, has told the courts he's tired of being locked up and if he can't be free he wants to die. The federal court issued its ruling Monday.

Simpson was condemned for the 2000 slaying of Geraldine Davidson, a former Palestine school teacher and church organist.

Davidson was abducted from her home during a burglary, was bound and gagged, driven around in the trunk of her car and then beaten and dumped into the Neches River. She was wrapped in duct tape and had cinder blocks tied to her ankles.

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