Thursday, July 23, 2009

Act Now to Prevent the Incarceration of People with Mental Illness

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The criminalization of people with mental illness is a growing problem that devastates many members of our community. A study released this month in the journal Psychiatric Services shows that the prevalence of people with serious mental illness in jails is increasing. The study, which was presented June 1st at a Senate briefing featuring NAMI National board member Fred Frese, found that overall, 16% of jail inmates have a serious mental illness. Even more alarming, 31% of female jail inmates have a serious mental illness. These numbers suggest that up to 2 million jail bookings every year involve an individual with serious mental illness. From


jennifer said...

I don't have a membership to this journal (yet). What did it say the prevelance used to be (and in what year)?

editor said...

Send me your email address (don't post it here if you want it private) and I will reply with a pdf of the journal article back to you. My email is .