Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spotlight on Chief Justice Mental Health Task Force

According to the Website:
The Council of State Governments Justice Center announced February 19, 2007 (link to Press Release) that Texas’s Court of Criminal Appeals has been selected to participate in the Chief Justices’ Criminal Justice / Mental Health Leadership Initiative. This is a national project designed to assist state supreme court chief justices in guiding efforts in their state to improve the response to people with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system. The Honorable Sharon Keller, Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals, and Chair of the Task Force on Indigent Defense, has created a Mental Health Task Force to address problems involving people with mental illness who are in the criminal justice system. She applied to the Council of State Governments for outside funding and technical assistance for the committee.

Does this Task Force still exist? The website indicates that they had 5 meetings in 2007, but that is it.

Here's a copy of their work plan.

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