Friday, August 21, 2009

Evaluation of the Jail Data Link Program

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address problems faced by "[m]entally jail inmates who were previously served by mental health centers" - treatment disruption, inadequate care in jail and failure to reconnect at community reentry - is assessed (p. 7). This report is divided into seventeen sections following an executive summary: introduction; background; JDL program model; methodology; identification and selection of project participants; characteristics; reliability and use of JDI; project implementation; referrals and linkages outcomes; JDL system sample -- JDL cases compared to non-JDL cases; Intensive Case Review (ICR) sample; Department of Mental Health (DMH) booking data and site interview data; summary of recidivism outcomes; administrative and community context and collaboration; information sharing; project design, costs, and sustainability; and conclusions and recommendations. Results show that JDL improves the connections between mental health agencies and jails.

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