Friday, August 14, 2009

TDCJ Pay Raise Update - 81st Legislature

The 81st Texas Legislature funded a targeted pay increase for correctional officers. Beginning with their September 2009 pay (received October 1, 2009), these employees will see, on average, a 3.5% increase in their gross monthly pay. In addition, those same employees will see another 3.5% increase effective September 1, 2010.

Correctional Officer Salary Rates effective September 1, 2009

Title-----Months of Service-----Monthly Salary
CO I--------0-2-------------------$2,240.63
CO II-------3-8-------------------$2,371.88
CO III------9-14-----------------*$2,510.20
CO III------15-30-----------------$2,653.18
CO IV-------31-42-----------------$2,730.00
CO IV-------43-54-----------------$2,808.64
CO IV-------55-90-----------------$2,893.34
CO V--------91+-------------------$2,982.02
*Higher starting salary for Bachelor’s degree or two years active military service.

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