Friday, May 8, 2009

Crisis Intervention, Green Oaks Hospital, and Dallas PD

One poster sent this information from Green Oaks Hospital in regards to Crisis Intervention and the Dallas PD. Here's an excerpt:

The Division is comprised of 2 major sections:
Crisis Assistance and Homeless Outreach.
a. Geriatric Mental Health: Two Crisis Assistance
caseworkers are assigned citywide to provide on-the-scene
assessments of seniors, aged 60 and over who are experiencing
situations involving dementia, abuse, neglect and exploitation.
These caseworkers assist citizens in crisis with rapid access to
social, health, and mental health services, and provide postcrisis
follow-up to ensure that the client is self-sufficient.
b. Mental Health Response: One mental health
caseworker is responsible for responding when requested by
public safety or health-care professionals. The caseworker will
attempt to stabilize the client through intervention and
assessment to determine the level of cognitive reasoning and
functionality. Finally, the caseworker will link citizens with
psychiatric services through professionally trained caseworkers.
c. Domestic Violence: One caseworker responds to onscene
domestic violence calls when requested by patrol officers,
and conducts post-crisis follow-up to victims of domestic
violence. These interventions are aimed at assisting victims cope
with domestic violence, and gives victims of domestic violence
a calm, non-intimidating source of assistance. Immediate
information is provided as to the next steps in staying safe.
d. Child Neglect/Abuse: One caseworker is assigned to
respond to requests from police and/child protective services to
assist families experiencing a crisis relating to victimization
involving children. Typically, the caseworker handles three types
of primary referrals: 1) Allegations of child neglect/abuse, 2)
Parent/child disputes, and 3) Custody disputes involving abuse
allegations. The majority of referrals come from the Dallas
Police Department via calls to 911. The referrals are generated
because the police have been called to either a residence or
school facility involving an allegation of child neglect or abuse,
below the level of a Child Protective Services referral.

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