Sunday, May 24, 2009

TDCJ pay raise is upsetting

by the Back Gate:
In a move by Texas legislators that has already had resounding effects just hours after it's announcement, TDCJ employees will only see 7% in pay raises over the next two years. That's a mere 3.5% this year and next. With the current state of the economy, the failure of the pay raise proposition has some seeking higher ground already. The Backgate Website's general manager Duane Stuart stated, " This is sure to create an unimaginable ripple effect all over the state with TDCJ employees." " Terrible morale is sure to get even worse, and i see the ones that can get out to choose now to do it." The 2,500 empty correctional officer positions TDCJ has held for nearly 5 years will surely grow as well many have said.

The AFSCME correctional officer's union has released a list of Texas Legislators that failed to push the originally proposed raises through. The union also blames employees themselves for their lack of attention and commitment to calling legislators and getting out to vote in the last election. Below is a list of legislators that held the key to a TDCJ employee payraise. Call them, write them, and get out to vote next time to get rid of them. What will you do?

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