Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michael Moore to tackle private prisons in new film?

Got this from Texas Prison Bid'ness:

Will Michael Moore make private prisons the focus of his newest documentary expose? That's the question the film-indusry blog

A film crew for Michael Moore’s next yet-to-be-titled documentary was in Wilkes-Barre, PA last week interviewing people involved with the Luzerne County Courthouse scandal. According to FilmBuffOnline, Moore wasn’t present during filming. For those who don’t know, county judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. accepted a $2.6 million from two privately owned juvenile detention centers in exchange for helping secure contracts worth upwards of $30 million.

Details about Moore’s new documentary have been kept tightly under wraps, but it was announced as a quasi-follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, focusing on a post-Bush administration world and the financial crisis. Privately owned prisons have become a big business over the last decade, but what does outsourcing government services to the private sector have to do with the big picture? The Geo Group has recently come under fire for possible mistreatment of prisoners, which may have resulted in inmate deaths at some of their facilities.

We'll keep you posted on developments...

Michael Moore, if you are listening? Don't forget about the mentally ill in prison!
On another note, I got a call from a family member in reference to commissary charges at the local county jail (not prison and not private). Her family member was being charged 60% of his commissary for gas money to the local mh clinic. The local mh clinic is less than two miles away, and they are not charging the county for the psychiatric visit! Sounds like a heck of a deal for the jail! I'm curious what all charges are legal for commissary? Anyone have any clues?

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